Calling all high-achieving, bad-ass, athletic-minded chics out there...

Have you ever said "I wish I had a body like that", "I wish I was fit enough to do that", "I wish I could spend more time doing the things I love", "I wish I 

could live by the beach", "I wish I could X, but I don't have time"?

Here is a question that someone asked me a few years ago (and honestly it took them asking me for me to realize what I believe now that has brought me to where I am):

What is your dream life? 

It's so crazy how so many of us don't have a dream life mapped out, pictured all over the place, so it's what we see everyday (OK, OK, I can, as I once didn't 

either), as if it cannot possibly exist, or because of the life you've been given, you can't have it. 

Are you living a life by default?  Are you on settling for a condition, a body, or a life that is less than what you believe you should have and dream of having?

Are you settling for the fact that someone has the genetics, the talent, or was in the right place at the right time and you weren't...

Let me show you how you can design a body and life you love!

If I, Tanya, just a girl who had a dream, am doing it, you can too.

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I help overwhelmed high-achievers like you be your best and create a life you love.  My mission is to give you the clarity, courage, and tools you need to stop the frenzy and start living with focus and achieve your goals.  My passions are health and nutrition, personal development, organization and planning, and helping you create a business you love that aligns with your dream life. 

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