Hi, I'm Tanya!

An entrepreneur, speaker, athlete, and online visibility strategist and biz mentor.  I teach entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants in the health, wellness, and fitness space how to get visible and stand out as an authority so they can make more money and ATTRACT more dream clients.

No more icky sales

No cold calling

No aimlessly spending hours on social media thinking "if I just post more, people will notice..."

No more worrying where you are going to find your next customer

No more having anxiety when you get on the phone with a prospect thinking you are going to have to "sell" yourself 

No more having fear to start your business because you are scared of 'selling'...

If you are passionate about what you have to offer and love to teach people about it...then I'm going to show you how to become an authority, get visible in the right way, and ATTRACT your dream clients to you. 

I am committed to helping you create the impact and income you desire while becoming the BOSS of your life and business so you have a lifestyle you love.


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This podcast was born from my passion and vision of freedom and my mission to help inspire women to be the BOSS of their life AND business....and I thought what better way to inspire than to interview and share the stories of awesome lady bosses from all walks of entrepreneurship who are doing just that!  Join me for some fun convos, stories, lessons, and laughs!