Hi, I'm Tanya!

I’m a freedom fanatic, self proclaimed lifestyle design ninja, and an online business coach for ambitious digital lady bosses in the health and fitness space. 

Your goal is to build your online business AND create your ideal lifestyle alongside it, right?

Are you...

Frustrated that growing your online business feels so complicated?

Are you overwhelmed with all the different strategies and tools? 

 Feel like you need a professional online presence and a simple plan to gain momentum, but OMG how do I make that happen?

OR you know you've got this burning desire for more freedom and money in your life and you want to start your own online business...but you aren't sure where to start!?

Then we need to chat!

I help ambitious health and fitness lady bosses who want to create a successful online business and have an digital space that represents their unique brand and vision.  
If you're great at what you do, yet are struggling and overwhelmed with all the strategies, tools, and steps needed to effectively and professionally launch your online business around it, I am your girl.  I'm on a mission to help 1000’s of women passionate about health and wellness become the BOSS of their business and life.


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