"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life" 

-Steve Jobs

Hello!  I’m so freakin' excited you’re here!

If you’re like most of my readers, you’re ambitious, over achieving, and you are looking to live your life to the fullest. You’re committed to being the best version of you, looking and performing your best—and seeing big results in all that you do.  You’re also someone who wants to live a cohesive life, where what you do everyday fuels your passion and doesn't even feel like a job. You want to be in control of your health, your life, your finances, AND your schedule. 

  • Your health
  • Your hobbies, athletic goals
  • Your mental game and intellectual growth
  • Your finances and feeling in control of them
  • Your relationships with family and friends
  • Your legacy in the lives of the people around you

You’re after long-lasting success in all areas of your life.  You want to enjoy an awesome, fulfilled life and you know you can do it!

But there’s something in the way, isn’t there?

You want to live this vision of your life, but it feels like there’s no time for it, the path from A to B seems so overwhelming that you never even start, or you do start...but never finish, OR you never imagined you COULD. 

We live in this world of shiny objects and information overload and we get caught up in the minutiae, the time consuming meal planning and prep to eat healthy (which is not sustainable), the endless emails, long hours at work, meetings, your never ending to-do list, being “busy” but never really moving any closer to your dreams and goals.  We compare ourselves to others and often think we can't, or never even believe we can in the first place.

The sense that you’re shortchanging one priority to serve another never ends. You feel like a tazmanian devil, so busy doing things all that time just flies by and important things—like your health, your personal development, your dreams and goals—get dropped. Sound familiar?

I’ve been there, too.

I know what it feels like to be in over your head — to have the things you are supposed to do everyday outpace your ability to manage it and also keep doing things that you think you "should" be doing instead of things that are really in your vision and dreams and best for you.  For years, I struggled to balance it all and figure out really where I wanted to be.  And my “success” at getting everything done came at the expense of my health, my most valuable relationships, and actually moving my life forward to where I wanted it to be. 

So What Changed?

The turnaround for me came when I realized that although it was going to be hard, I needed to strategically prioritize my life and start to create it, every day, or nothing was going to change.  I needed to say no to things that weren't serving me, yes to things that were aligned with achieving my goals, and  I needed to have actionable systems and a clear path.  I needed to surround myself and immerse myself with the right people and mentors.  Success is about getting the *right things* done.  Since then, my life has never been the same.

I’ve taken control of my body and health, and I've continued to flourish in my athletic goals, my relationships, and in designing the life that I once never even dreamed of. 

Athlete, personal development junkie, and just a girl with a vision to live large and help others do the same:

I’m a former professional water-skier, turned Orthopedic Surgery Physician Assistant who did a surgical residency at Johns Hopkins.  Having always had a huge interest and passion for preventative medicine and my own personal struggles with illness and injury to learning learning how the right nutrition can change your life, brought me to do the work that I do now: using the right nutrition as the first step toward creating the life you want.  Health is wealth.  I am now an elite age-group Ironman triathlete, raced at the Ironman World Championships last year.  The personal challenge of Ironman and the way it forces me out of my comfort zone has permeated into so many other aspects of my life.  My biggest wins thus far though have been finding the love of my life, Adam Zucco, and currently pursing my dream of living a creative and adventurous life: building a business and life I love, on my own terms, helping others discover and achieve their best self, and help them also build a lifestyle they love. 

It’s not a magic trick, and I’m certainly no superhero, nor am I “there” yet.  I’ve simply discovered a way to do more of what matters and less of what doesn't and that has lead me to realize that our body, our health, our lives are not given to us: they are to be designed.

Can I help you do the same?

I help overwhelmed high achievers like you find clarity in what you want your life to look like, be the best version of you, and create a way turn your passion into profit so that you can live an aligned life and LOVE it!  My mission is to give you the clarity, courage, and tools you need to stop all the frenzy and create your dream life and business.  

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Love, Hustle, Sweat, 


- Tanya

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