Your Biz

Business?!? WHAT?!

Right. Yeah!  I had no idea I would be running my own business and I couldn't be more excited to help you become the CEO of your life and create your own business too whether a side hustle or full time: one that aligns with your passions and helps you achieve your dreams and goals!

I've always been a hustler, always strived to do more, be better, and find a way to be able to live a life full of adventure and freedom.  

I've traveled the world as a professional water-skier, I've pushed my body to the limits and qualified and raced at the Ironman World Championships, something only 1% of the worlds triathletes get to do, I've trained at the one of the top medical education facilities in the world and created a 6 figure stable "career" for myself, I've moved and am living in one of the most beautiful (sure I'm biased;) places in the world where the sun shines 295 days a year, I'm married to an incredible man that I love dearly, but even with all that I felt like I was missing something.  I was missing the freedom to do more with my life, and I was feeling unfulfilled.  I've seen what's out there and what is possible...

One of the things I've learned on my journey thus far is in alignment with a quote from Jim Carrey: "The effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is."   I believe we all have a bigger purpose, a bigger message and that to live a life that makes you feel fullfilled it comes down to service to others and making an impact in people lives.  

My message is to tell and teach all those ambitious women out there that you can have it all: whatever that means to you.  You are not a result of your circumstances or where you live or where you grew up or even the choices you may have made up until now (cuz ohhhh boy have I failed and messed up many times), you've got choices: the world is your oyster.  That "monkey" on your back doesn't have to live there and that dream doesn't have to go unlived.  

My quest is to help women be their best self and to help them design a business around a lifestyle they love, allowing them to do more of what makes them feel awesome, and that aligns with their passions.  

We all have a unique gift to share with the world. *TRUTH*. 

I currently work with many amazing women one on one:

- helping them create their own side hustles and full time businesses by teaching them to duplicate my health and wellness business model and make it their own (nutrition solutions for energy, weightloss,  anti-aging, athletes).  If you are looking for a "vehicle" to help people be the healthiest and happiest versions of themselves and create an income doing this, email me for a free consultation and strategy session:

-  helping women build their online businesses aligned with their particular passions and strengths by helping them create their own unique online presence (with an easy to use, all in one online business platform) and give them a clear path to successfully growing their business.  There's A LOT of noise out there in this regard, aka "shiny objects" that keep you from actually growing your business and making a profit.  Let me help you cut through all that noise and actually help you start and grow your business.  I'm not saying I"ll do it all for you and that there won't be learning and involved, but I"ll mentor you through the best process for you.  Email me for more info:

I heard loud and clear from my community that you crave more content and support around creating an income from your passions that I am SO EXCITED to be working on my first online program to help you all....STAY TUNED!