You are here because your dreams stretch way beyond your current job or career.  

You are determined to create more freedom, impact, and money in your life. 

You've got passions, strengths & your story...those are your superpowers!  You are determined to turn them into a profitable business so you can finally live your dream lifestyle, whatever that looks like for you, right?!

Well I'm so pumped you are here! 

Core Values about businesses I help create: 

It's anything but a daily grind

We create businesses that we love and are passionate about

We create businesses with a purpose bigger than ourselves 

Our businesses are created to support and blend with our dream lifestyle  

The goal is to run our businesses with excitement and flow, not for our businesses to run us. 

And our goal is to serve people and make a profit while doing so!

I work with ambitious freedom obsessed women who are ready to show up and be the boss of their life and business.

If you work in the health and fitness arena, are great at what you do, yet are struggling to start or grow your online business around it, I am your girl!  

I invite you to come join my free FB community for weekly "T Means Business" masterclasses to help you grow your business,  support, and a TRIBE of likeminded women to share and learn with!   Join the group!