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Rich, Fit, & Confident is a blog for the women who want to be their best, have the finer things in life, and live life with passion and purpose.  Our community is comprised of women creating businesses, living outside of the box, and pushing themselves to reach their full potential. 

We parter with companies to produce content and events geared towards ambitious women in business and leadership looking to create thriving businesses aligned with happy, fit, healthy lives.  

Hellooo!!! I am SO honored you are here! Welcome to my new blog!

Hello Friends! Thank you so much for taking the time to come on over to my new blog! I've randomly blogged in the past, yeahhhh...very randomly if I'm honest, but I'm SUPER excited about the re-launch or shall we say, "proper launch", of my business and blog! Many of you may know me, many may not, so I'll take a second here to give you some random fact...