Honoring Your Instincts: Your Secret to Change

Ever think to yourself “WOW thats a great idea” or think of doing something that you KNOW deep inside you need to do, but then it never seems to happen? Do you think about things or read about things all the time and yet don’t take action on them? Do you ever think “I should go talk to that person or ask them something”, but then, you think for a second, they turn around, and well ah, you’ll just ask them next time…which never ends up happening.

I know, I do it too. We all do. Then we wonder how those people who seem to always “GET the opportunities” or “have the LUCK”….
Well it’s not that they GET anything, or have LUCK. They make it. They seize the moment, they “honor their instincts”, there and then, in the moment, 5,4,3,2,1 GO.

What is an instinct? Well, per the dictionary, it’s a natural or intuitive way of thinking, a natural propensity or skill, or it’s a quality of possessing certain skills or patterns…AKA it’s YOUR special individualisms, YOUR subconscious authentic intuitive skills and qualities! It’s YOU! The YOU that no one else can be. The YOU that is in quiet desperation and screaming to be let out to shine.

What happens though is that fear sets in, over thinking sets in, your mind starts telling you that what you are about to do may be “different” than what you’ve done in the past, you’ll start to think you aren’t ready, you’ll get anxious, and then your brain will help give you every excuse to not take action on that instinct. Because thats what our brain does. It’s that historic part of our brain that protects us from fear, from change, it keeps us comfortable, keeps us “safe”.  Thanks a lot brain, like we need anything to make life any more difficult, right!?! Well, it got us here at least, saved us from being eaten by dinosaurs and stuff.

But by taking action on your instincts can you can truly become the person you’ve always wanted or thought about being! Once you act and HONOR that instinct, the new action that was once different, caused fear, or felt uncomfortable….now is the new safe.

The more you honor your instincts, the more of you will come to life in the real world, the more you will achieve.

You will change from a person who just thinks about your ideas, to having the confidence to share, act on, and pursue them.

I hope you chose to act on even just one instinct today and see how it can start a waterfall of change in your life.

Love, Hustle, Sweat,



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