"If you don't build your dream, someone else will hire you to build theirs" 

-Tony Gaskins


Freedom to make choices.

It’s not that you just don’t want to work, or you are lazy or unmotivated.

You just want to work in a way that matters.

You’re talented, passionate, inspired and you have something amazing to share with the world, if only you could make a living doing it!

You’re tired of the constant hustle, trading hours for dollars, not feeling sure if you’re really "living" your life, and still working 24/7 – to build someone else's dream and only to end up with an small bank account at the end of the month and piling up debt.

You know that you want to get off the hamster wheel of constantly working just for the weekend to roll around again.

You know you want to earn income independently and be proud of the business you’ve created...AND have fun doing it.

You’ve heard about having a “freedom based business.”

Make your own hours. Work when you want to. Generate money even when you aren't even "actively working".

Sounds awesome right!?

But you’re kinda wondering if it’s a myth or another icky sales scheme (ewww!)… or if it’s something you can actually achieve...!?!

Well, I'm telling you…


Learn More!

Let me tell you about the Life By Design Tribe!

This is a community to provide you with the structure, support and training you need to create your own freedom based business.

Structure with a step by step system where I help you integrate you own personality and passions into what you do daily.  Perhaps you want to integrate your passion of sports, travel, whatever...It works, no matter your background or level of experience.  I had ZERO business experience, just a big dream and the will and hard work ethic to make it happen.

You'll have support in a strong community of like-minded wellness entrepreneurs, all devoted to helping one another grow in both business and life.

Training for all of the direct sales and network marketing skill you'll need to know. 

I promise, I knew NOTHING about this business model, let alone just business, when I started; I learned from the ground up.  I can help you do the same.

As part of our tribe, I will walk you through –

  • What to expect as you embark on your business journey – both personally and professionally.
  • Effective goal-setting and creating foundations to stay motivated, active and successful.
  • Step by step checklists that make setting up your business both simple and achievable.
  • How to maximize your own personal growth 
  • The marketing by attraction techniques that make the experience fun and productive!
  • Which activities you should be focusing to grow your business so you can focus your time most efficiently.
  • Time management system and techniques
  • My favorite list of self development books and authors to study so you can build on your skills at your convenience.
  • All you need to know about the our product partner (see the video below for more details) and how working with them can help you to be an empowered, inspiring health guru and business owner!

When you join me, you are joining a tribe that becomes family.

If this sounds amazing to you, go ahead and apply! 

It's not some easy peasy make money and be free scheme. This is a real business, it takes dedication and hard work, but the journey so far has been the most gratifying experience I've ever had, and my life is truly becoming what I once never imagined. 

I cannot wait to get in touch and help you start building your dream!

Join My Biz!