"Run your body like your business"


Are you tired of fad diets that don't provide lasting results?
Are you totally over being tired and lacking energy?
Are you looking for a solution that is convenient and easy to use when you are on the go?

How about a solution that is full of nutritious food, but doesn't involve meal prepping like your life depended on it!?

Athlete friends...wondering if this is for you...I modify this for my activity level, but this is the program I use when I'm training 20 hours a week for Ironman or just working out 30 minutes a day when I'm deep in business building mode!  The foundations of a strong, healthy, body don't change.  

I went from yo-yo-ing with my weight, having GI issues all the time, and being very overuse injury prone... to having the fittest body (that I have maintained for 4 years), no injuries, and feeling my best ever. 

Four years ago I found the perfect program for me, I've shared it with dozens of people and helped them achieve success, and I want to share it with YOU!

It's time to transform your body, get fit and reach your wellness goals!


Since its inception, Isagenix has led with science-backed products and continues to put Isagenix products to the test. By partnering with well-respected universities and laboratories, Isagenix is contributing to evidence-based nutritional research while also providing clinical substantiation for Isagenix Systems for healthy weight loss, healthy living, and athletic performance.

Access to the ISALIFE App

Your ability to track your wellness goals. Holding you accountable!

Recipes and a clear plan

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Add a brief message and invite people to click the button to learn more.

Discover what's possible - to live each day in a body you love, perform your best, and live a lifestyle you can enjoy for the years to come!

"Tanya is one of the most knowledgeable people I know when it comes to sports nutrition.
I was looking for something to help me lose weight and make me a better athlete without being too complex. With Tanya I not only lost the weight, but I became stronger and faster with a simple plan. At the age of 55 I was setting PRs and won my age group at every race, except for one. As an airline pilot I’m gone from home a lot and with her system I have no problem using it while traveling. I like the system so much that I continue to use it for the 3rd year.

—Steve T. , Multiple Ironman Finisher and Airline Pilot 

"Yes! I AM her husband. As most of you know, means something REALLY has to work if you are going to listen to your spouse! – HA! 
Triathlon as a sport has so many variables to try to manipulate to get the best out of yourself. As an athlete, I spend HOURS and MONEY, trying to get myself in peak form for race day. It doesn’t matter how fit you are, if your stomach is upset. Tanya helps control all those variables in a simple solution, that allows me to focus on other things in my life.
How many of us have tried these approaches: “figure it out on your own”, or “just try a couple things your friends told you about” or declare “OK, time to get serious… again”.  Contrast that with all the training you do. I am guessing most people have a “plan” and work best and feel happiest while on it.
ITS NOT YOUR FAULT - People try to make nutrition complex, but it doesn’t have to be.
I finally just decided to let Tanya plan my nutrition for me, so all I had to do was follow the instructions. SO EASY and SO EFFECTIVE! Not only for myself, but for every athlete I have that works with her. It all but eliminates the guess work from trying to “nail your nutrition”.
I used to weight 240 lbs. One fo the reasons I chose endurance sport, was for weight management. If we are all honest, we also enjoy looking fit.  I was also one of those people who thought when it was time to lose weight, that meant train more. Sure, that plays a role. But even if you train 20 hours a week, there are still 148 hours left in the week! You cannot tell me those hours do not matter.
Tanya, thank you for adding clarity, simplicity, and EFFECTIVENESS to a complicated subject."

—Adam Zucco, 9 x Ironman World Championship Competitor 

"As a vegetarian and competitive endurance athlete, it was incredibly insightful to have Tanya teach me about protein intake and timing. On top of that the healthy daily nutrition habits she helped me with developed a new baseline normal weight for me. Now I'm racing a bit lighter than I have in the past and have been performing even better, especially in the heat."

—Nick M., Multiple Podium Ironman Finisher

"My obstacles to starting with Tanya and Isagenix would have been motivation. For me I always wanted to focus on weight loss: a challenge I have faced my whole life. I was one of those people looking for the "magical pill".  If I felt it was easy and could understand the clear plan I would give it 100%. That is what Isagenix has been for me, an easy way to lose weight.
 What I found working with Tanya and Isagenix is that I could survive on "snacks" and a low caloric diet. If you ever told me I could go a day with less than 1000 calories and not feeling constantly hungry I would say you're crazy. But here I am. I found that when there is balance in my diet, through supplements and the timing of snacks/meals AND plenty of water, hunger is mostly a perception. I have learned to "listen" to my body and learned to control how I eat and more importantly how much I eat. While that sounds like a lot of work and perhaps a boring way to live, it's not at all for me. I actually enjoy this.

What I like specifically about Isagenix and working with Tanya is, first and foremost, Tanya's support and encouragement as well as advice on "tweaks" to the diet when things get stagnate or you must balance low caloric intake with a heavy training day or stress. That aside, Isagenix has given me encouragement that if I overindulge on say a Holiday and pack on a few unwanted pounds, it is not the end of the world (as I always felt under other diets).  Isagenix has shown me that taking off those holiday pounds is as easy as 2 to 3 days of shakes and a cleanse and I'm right back on track.  This is extremely powerful for me as I now view fluctuations in my weight as minor inconveniences on the road to a healthier, happier, and lighter me.

A few other benefits about working with Tanya and Isagenix is that I rarely have that "what's for dinner" moment. Having a job as well as a wife who works as well as 2 children the rush to plan a meal often lead itself to over eating and eating "crappy" food. Isagenix and Tanya's support has made that indecision around meals practically non-existence. I have also learned that the simple task of continually drinking water throughout the day, while an inconvenience in the sheer number of restroom visits, fuels the body. I find that days I consume the most water (and for me that is 7-10 liters) are days I feel the best. I never believed the hype that water is the fuel for your body until I began to really focus on water intake. I always feel better with a lot of water in my body. A final benefit to working with Tanya has been the actual results. I have lost about 80 pounds AND KNOW I CAN LOSE MORE, I feel healthier, have more energy, sleep better, look better, have more confidence, and smaller clothes. But more than anything I have the motivation and support to continue.

Would I recommend Isagenix and working with Tanya. ABSOLUTELY. In fact I have to many people. Why? Simply put, for me it has been that "magical pill" I saw results immediately, and never felt hungry. For me, a person who has chased diets my whole life, this has been the Holy Grail of continued, positive results without the hunger. It has motivated me to get back onto my bike and into the gym. Ultimately has motivated me to get back into triathlon (Santa Rosa 70.3, here we come!), something I enjoy but gave up as my weight increased over the years.

One last note on my overall health. Last winter, prior to beginning with Tanya I suffered from asthma and difficulty breathing. I blamed the dusty Las Vegas air, or all of the hairy pets I have in my house. I used this as an excuse to limit physical activity, I slept horribly, snoring to the point I was banished to the couch. I went to an allergist who tested my breathing capacity at 80% of normal for my age. I was given an inhaler and felt that this was my new normal. Fast forward 9 months, with no use of medicine or an inhaler the same test measured my breathing capacity at 102% of normal. Why? I was lighter, healthier and more active. All a result of meeting Tanya and following her guidance. This was the realization of a life changing moment, the moment when I realized I had gained control of my body and my life. Quite powerful!"

—John Allen, Lost 80 LBS and helped his mother and son lose weight too