"Run your body like your business" 

Maybe by now you realize I'm a bit of a health and freedom fanatic.  Not only were my first businesses in the health and fitness space, but I'm also a board certified physician assistant and I'm all about being a "FITpreneur".  

What does that mean?  To me, it means being health, wealthy, AND wise.  It means having both professional AND personal vitality.

Not only do I love having my goals and hobbies outside of business like travelling and competing in triathlons, I also know from first hand experience that managing stress, having a good mindset, getting good sleep, and being fit and healthy help me perform my best, both in life AND business. In particular I'm sharper mentally, more productive, have more energy, I'm more positive, and more resilient. 

Come on over to my new free Facebook community, The Health and Fitness Entrepreneur Lounge, and join me for weekly "Coffee with T"  LIVE FB hangouts, where we talk about how to be the best you can be and live the FITpreneur lifestyle as well as learn and collaborate with other health and fitness entrepreneurs to launch and grow your business!