"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life" 

-Steve Jobs

Meet Tanya Zucco 

Tanya is known for her determination and going for what she believes in.  Her passions and journey ranges from professional waterskiing, elite Ironman competition, academics and orthopedic surgery to business, entrepreneurship and lifestyle design.  She believes that dreaming big is a non negotiable, strong and confident is sexy, wealth is not a dirty word, and success is a habit. 

Tanya's a multi-passionate entrepreneur, athlete, and uncompromising business & success mentor who believes it’s ALL possible.  She is fueled by her passion to help women hardness their inner lady boss, step out of their comfort zone, and have the courage to become who they really want to be so they can create a business and life they love.

Tanya lives in Sarasota, Florida, and when she's not traveling, she spends her days getting her sweat on, dining out with her hubby, enjoying a good glass of wine, playing with her toy poodles Punky and Abigail, reading on the beach or poolside, working with her hubby in their joint businesses, and helping women like you add FREEDOM to their list of successes.

Tanya's Mission

To help 1000’s of women become the BOSS of their business and life.


Helping you navigate the journey from employee to entrepreneur and grow a business that harnesses the power of your strengths and skills.  

The End Result? 

A business you love with more income and flexibility to live life on your own terms.

Tanya's Guiding Principles

1. Embracing the good and the bad

When bad things happen or things aren't going as planned, learn from them and commit to not repeating what you did or didn't do to make them happen. When good things happen, take advantage of them and learn how to make more good things like them to happen. You can't control the uncontrollable, but you can decide how you respond to everything that happens around you.

2.  Your path to success is your own

We all have different ideas about what success is, which is why we shouldn’t all follow the same path. To embrace our unique strengths and enjoy our own forms of living our dream life, we must be willing to step off the common path and create our own, even it that mean making a pivot from what we once thought was our path. No matter what your goals are, there’s always more than one way to realize them. 

3. Do not engineer a small life to avoid vulnerability or shame

Courage is showing up fulling in your life and taking a stand for what your vision is and embracing the fact that it may come with uncertainty, emotional exposure, and vulnerability.  By doing so you will see growth not only in your income and business, but in all aspects of your life.  Be you, play big.

Things you may not know about Tanya

Grew up In Dubai
Moved to the USA at 15 to pursue her professional water-skiing career
World Age Group Champion and Professional Water-skier for 10 year
Board certified Physician Assistant with a degree in Master of Medical Sciences and Residency at Johns Hopkins
Ironman Triathlon Age Group Winner
 Ironman World Championships Competitor

Personal Career Story

I struggled for a long time trying to find my path and definition of success.
   I followed the traditional route initially... the go to school, get a degree in a good profession, find a good job and make good money....while very grateful for achieving a 6 figure medical "career", I was still unhappy.

Trying to fit it into a career "box", abide by someone else's rules, schedule, and having to run my life around 2 weeks of vacation was not the life I dreamed of. I also felt that I was leaving things I had to offer on the table.

It also knew I was not alone.  There are so many high achieving, brilliant women all around the world creating life changing impact in other people's lives, building thriving businesses, and living lives on their own terms... and I thought, well, why can't I do that..and it's time to go make it happen!

I don’t have any secret sauce, but I do have my experience and a passion for sharing what I’ve learned.

I believe a life by design is available for EVERYONE, which is why I’m continually creating content and sharing mine and other successful women's stories (in my Life on Ocean Avenue Podcast Radio Show) and lessons to help you step out of your comfort zone and show up fully to create a biz and life you LOVE!  I’ve also got a community (Freedom Life Entrepreneurs on Facebook) to help you stay motivated and inspired on those days that even an IV drip of coffee couldn’t get you going.

My Mantra:

“Tomorrow the sun will rise and set, the rest is up for grabs”

“No one is me, that’s my superpower”


If you are wanting to explore whether working with me is right for you, I invite you to book a discovery session!  Maybe we'll just chat, maybe we'll create a partnership to help catapult you forward into creating the impact and income you've been wanting, maybe we'll realize we both love red wine and staying fit, I don't know!  Lets chat!