"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life" 

-Steve Jobs

Meet Tanya

Tanya is a (ex-pro waterskier and orthopedic surgery physician assistant turned...) Entrepreneur, Realtor, and Coach.  She has real estate business and is the co-owner (with her husband, Adam Zucco) of SuperFly Coaching (a world renowned triathlon coaching company).    

What about when Tanya isn't in business mode?  She is a top ranked triathlete, wife, mum of two furr kids, lover of the ocean and being on the water, wine, and a world traveller. 

Tanya loves living 'outside the box' and believes that dreaming big is a non negotiable, strong and confident is sexy, wealth is not a dirty word, and success is a habit. 

Her favorite thing is learning how to be her best version, tap into her potential, push past self imposed limits and to always be a student of life, while sharing her learnings with you, so that you can do the same.

Guiding Principles

1. Embracing the good and the bad

When bad things happen or things aren't going as planned, learn from them and commit to not repeating what you did or didn't do to make them happen. When good things happen, take advantage of them and learn how to make more good things like them to happen. You can't control the uncontrollable, but you can decide how you respond to everything that happens around you.

2.  Your path to success is your own

We all have different ideas about what success is, which is why we shouldn’t all follow the same path. To embrace our unique strengths and enjoy our own forms of living our dream life, we must be willing to step off the common path and create our own, even it that means making a pivot from what we once thought was our path. No matter what your goals are, there’s always more than one way to realize them. 

3. Do not engineer a small life to avoid vulnerability or shame

Courage is showing up fulling in your life and taking a stand for what your vision is and embracing the fact that it may come with uncertainty, emotional exposure, and vulnerability.  By doing so you will see growth not only in your income and business, but in all aspects of your life.  Be you, play big!

Things you may not know about Tanya

Grew up In Dubai
Moved to the USA at 15 to pursue her professional water-skiing career
World Age Group Champion and Professional Water-skier for 10 years
Board certified Physician Assistant with a degree in Master of Medical Sciences and Residency at Johns Hopkins
2016 Ironman Triathlon Age Group Winner, IMWI
 2017 Ironman World Championship Competitor
Co-owner of Superfly Coaching, world renowned triathlon coaching company

I believe a life by design is available for everyone and I hope to meet you on your journey to create yours!


“Tomorrow the sun will rise and set, the rest is up for grabs”

“No one is me, that’s my superpower”

"My secret is simple. I make a plan, then I put in work."